The entrance to your home is without doubt your key opportunity to create that unique and stylish first impression. It gives you the chance to welcome your visitors with your own personal and distinctive touch. At Hall's Windows we know every home is different and we believe our Elitis door range offers you a wide choice in terms of style and glazing designs, allowing you to find the right door to enhance and complement the look and feel of your home.

We also know that you want the entrance to your house to be as secure as possible. At Hall's Windows we not only take great care to ensure our doors look great and add class, we also take great pride in being able to meet the Secured by Design standards approved by the police, which is your guarantee that our door locks are the ultimate product in terms of security. Click here to find out more about our extra security doors.

Our popular Gallery composite door range is a new advancement in door technology offering outstanding performance in terms of security and weather-proofing. The gallery composite door provides you with the benefits of a high quality low maintenance PVCu door whilst reflecting the aesthetics and traditional feel of a high quality timber door. We can assure you that our dual rebated, 70mm thick gallery doors are specially insulated and hefty enough to keep out all of those icy draughts, providing you with solid protection from the elements and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home has added security. Click here to request a brochure and further information about Hall's Windows Gallery composite doors.

Like our Elitis windows Hall's Windows is delighted to also offer you the option of NatureGrain and NatureGrain colours so that you can add that finishing touch to the design of your door, allowing it to truly complement the character of your home. Our traditional NatureGrain doors are finished with a truly realistic wood effect available in beautiful shades of autumnal Golden Oak and the cherry tones of Warm Rosewood. And to give you even more choice our NatureGrain doors are also available in a variety of elegant solid colours, which beautifully maintain the appearance of craftsman-painted timber.

Feel free to contact us with your enquiry or for more information on the options we offer.